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What is SOsim?

SOsim is a simulator with visual facilities to serve as an effective support tool for the better teaching and learning of the concepts and techniques in modern operating systems, serving as a way to render the whole process more efficient. Here you can learn about the project, download the software and support material. 

It was developed by prof. Luiz Paulo Maia as part of his M.Sc. thesis in Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (NCE/UFRJ), Brazil, in 2001.

How SOsim can help you?

SOsim´s main goals are to present the concepts and techniques found in modern OS, such as multiprogramming, process, scheduling and memory management. Some implemented algorithms can be seen in commercial OS, such as HP OpenVMS, Microsoft Windows NT, Windows 2000 and Windows XP. 

What are SOsim's benefits?

Teachers and students should consider the following benefits: 

What are SOsim's main features?

How can you download SOsim?

Before downloading SOsim, create a directory. Next, download the zip file

How can you run SOsim?

After unzipping the zip file, just run sosim.exe.  It is recommended to setup 1024x768 display, for better visualization. There is not setup program, DLL's or any hidden files. SOsim does not try any network connection. 

Is there any support material?

How SOsim was developed?

It was developed in Borland Delphi and can be run only in MS Windows NT, Windows 2000 e Windows XP.

How can you report bugs and errors?

As any software, SOsim has bugs and errors. If you find any problem, please send an email to

How can you get SOsim source files?

By now, only the executable file is available. In the future, I am going to offer the source code and docs to labs implementation.

How can you get additional information?

Just send an email to

How can you know about news and updates?

You can subscribe SOsim user's groups, sending an email to or visiting the page

Last update in Feb. 2006.